our history


HSI is established by Allan Greenberg.


HSI moves into the Rockland Grist Mill.


The interior design department is created.


The graphic design department is created.


Allan Hirsh, III becomes new owner.


HSI is purchased by Steve O'Connor, Principal of L2M Foodservice Design Group.


With a vision for the future of foodservice and a background in the culinary arts, in 1988 Allan Greenberg founded Hospitality Services, Inc. HSI, as it came to be called, is a foodservice consulting and design firm.


From day one, Greenberg established HSI as a company that was not afraid to push the envelope, always pressing forward with new, more innovative approaches to foodservice challenges. Greenberg utilized his training as a pastry chef and his expertise in aesthetics, producing design that was seen through a chef’s eyes with a keen sense of the visual experience.

As Greenberg’s reputation grew, so did the company. An interior design department as well as a graphic design department were incorporated, transforming HSI into a full-service firm. The client portfolio began to expand, many clients returning time and again because of HSI’s proven ability to bring foodservice to new levels.

moving forward

In 2011, HSI was purchased by Steve O'Connor, and is now operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of L2M Foodservice Design Group.

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